Lusatian Mountains - Visit the mountains between Bohemia and Germany

Lusatian Mountains - Visit the mountains between Bohemia and Germany

The Lusatian Mountains, with the highest peak Luž, also offer many possibilities for walkers and cyclists alike. Marked footpaths and cycle paths will lead you, for example, to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou where there is the ruin of  Tolštejn and the pilgrimage site of Křížová hora with a Calvary. The rock castle Sloup, and the chateaus Grabštejn and Lemberk are also places worth visiting in the Lusation mountains. Stunning views of the landscape await you at the view-tower at Jedlová or from the hilltops of Klíč and Luž.

Český Dub is associated with the personality of Bedřich Smetana who bestowed his folk opera, The Kiss (Hubička), to the region below Ještěd.

Of the eight unique pilgrimage sites belong the Basilica of St. Lawrence and St. Zdislava in Jablonné v Podještědí.  The prepared tracks even extend into neighbouring Saxony.

Skiing in the Lusatian Mountains

Besides the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains also offer great opportunities for downhill skiing, as well as well-maintained cross-country routes. In winter there are well-kept tracks for cross-country skiing all around the villages of Polevsko, Kytlice, Svor, Kamenický Šenov - Prácheň and Prysk. These routes are at a height of 500 - 626 metres above sea level and are ideal for both family skiing as well as for more experienced skiers. The area offers classic technical routes of 3.5 and 7 km in length. When the snow conditions are good, there is also a 4-km circuit for skating.  The ski resorts in the Lusatian Mountains are especially ideal for family skiing and for children.

Lusatian Mountains and traditions

The Lusatian Mountains is distinguished by an attractive area with natural assets, many culturally historic buildings, religious monuments and old folk architecture. The Lusatian Mountains Region is world famous for glass making. You can discover its history up to the present day in the museums in Nový Bor and Kamenický Šenov and also directly in the glassworks themselves.

Šluknov – a part of the Lusatian Mountains

Šluknov is the most northern region of the Czech Republic. Its culture and history has been influenced by neighbouring Lusetia and Germany for many centuries. This neighbourhood has created specific local customs and culture, which has been preserved up to this date. In the south and south-east, the region Šluknov extends to the nature reserve Lusetian Mountains.

Šluknov is the most northern town of the Czech Republic and gave the name to the whole region. It is situated in the middle of basin Šluknovská kotlina. To other bigger towns of the region belong Rumburk and Varnsdorf, situated near the Lusetian Mountains in a basin of river Mandava. On three sides, it is surrounded by Germany.

The landscape of Šluknov is really diverse and very attractive for tourists. It will be enjoyed by lovers of historic monuments, as well as hikers and bikers. Šluknov is a suitable base for trips to the Lusetian Mountains and other interesting tourist destination.

Lusatian Mountains – Accommodation and other services for tourist

The Lusatian Mountains offers its visitors a wide choice of accommodation – here you will find camps, chalets, cottages, guesthouses and hotels of all categories. You can obtain more information about accommodation or recommended trips in the tourist information centres of the Lusatian Mountains, for example in Česká Kamenice, Nový Bor, Chrastava and Mimoň.